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Georgia regions

Khevsureti Khevsureti is another beautiful highland region of Georgia. Its villages Shatili, Arkhoti and Mutso were defensive towns, which is obvious from their impressive towers. Khevsurians are expert cattle-breeders, so their main diet is meat. Their most delicious meal is Khinkali, a boiled meat dumpling, which is now popular in all regions of Georgia.

Khevsureti On the rocky slopes of Khevsureti, wild sheep still wander. To hunt them takes a great deal of skill, as they are most difficult to chase. If one does manage to catch them, their meat is most delicious and unusual.

Khevsureti is also famous for its poetry lovers. Poetry festivals are frequently held, and local participants can create the finest poetic expressions spontaneously. Georgians are not the only group interested in preserving this most beautiful of regions in its pristine form. The World Bank has financed a major project to protect and preserve historical Shatili buildings, for future generations of Georgians and their guests.

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