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Information about regions of Georgia

Georgia, though a rather small country, has a variety of regions, which differ greatly from each other. Every one has its own special beauty. They differ in nature, population features, habits and customs...

Kvemo Kartli Kvemo Kartli
Kvemo Kartli has historically been located at the furthest frontiers of Georgia, which is why it has always been the first point of attack for numerous invaders. Historical monuments here are plentiful; for example, Bolnisi bishopry is one of the oldest in Georgia. Bolnisi Sioni was built in the 5th century, during Vakhtang Gorgasali's reign. Bishop David and the date of the cathedral's construction, 478-493 are both mentioned in the inscription on the walls...
Guria Guria
Guria is a Black Sea coastal province, famous for its inexorably witty people. The most typical subject of their discussions is certainly world politics. You shouldn't argue with them because you will almost certainly lose! Gurians are especially educated in politics. They know all about World affairs, and it is no accident that the former President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, a world-renowned political figure, is from Guria.
Racha Racha
Racha is a spectacularly beautiful highland region of Georgia. As a contrast to the western Georgian temperamental population, Rachians are unusually calm. There are many jokes preserved in folklore on their easy-going nature. Racha's population is famous for their baked bread and wonderful food. You will find Rachian cooks even in the furthest location on Earth from Georgia: Australia. One of the main attractions of Rachian resorts is the unusually pleasant climate and bountiful hunting grounds...
Guria Guria
Kvemo Kartli is historically on the furthest frontiers of Georgia. That's why it was the first point of attack for numerous invaders. The historical monuments here are plentiful, for example, Bolnisi bishopric is one of the oldest in Georgia. Bolnisi Sioni was built in the 5th century during Vakhtang Gorgasali's reign. Bishop David and the cathedral construction date, 478-493 are both mentioned in the inscription on the walls...
Samegrelo Samegrelo
Samegrelo, in the west, is one of the oldest regions of Georgia, where the Megrelians live. These people are vivacious and talented; Samegrelo has produced many outstanding scientists and cultural representatives. It was one of the oldest principalities of Georgia belonging to the illustrious Dadiani family. The Dadianis' estate in Zugdidi is now a historical monument...
Svaneti Svaneti
Svaneti, one of the most timeless and lovely provinces of Georgia, is situated at the mouth of the Enguri River, among awe-inspiring mountains, and is the most populated highland region. The village of Ushguli, is the highest populated place in Europe (at 2,200 meters above sea level). It is also the most difficult to access, as it is the most isolated region of Georgia...
Khevsureti Khevsureti
Khevsureti is another beautiful highland region of Georgia. Its villages Shatili, Arkhoti and Mutso were defensive towns, which is obvious from their impressive towers. Khevsurians are expert cattle-breeders, so their main diet is meat. Their most delicious meal is Khinkali, a boiled meat dumpling, which is now popular in all regions of Georgia...
Meskhet-Javakheti Meskhet-Javakheti
Meskhet-Javakheti, at the very farthest edge of Georgia, was the first to clash with the numerous enemies invading Georgia. Shota Rustaveli, the great Georgian poet, is said to be from this part of Georgia. His famous poem, "The Knight in the Panther's Skin," has established its place in the pantheon of world literature. There are also historical monuments in great abundance here...
Kartli Kartli
Kartli is the heart of Georgia. The oldest royal city of Georgia, Mtskheta, is situated in the region. It was there that Georgians became Christians in the 4th century, through the activities of 13 Syrian monks and St. Nino, who worked miracles here...
Kakheti Kakheti
Kakheti is known as the region of the vine, and with good reason. Unique and award winning Georgian wines and brandies are produced here. It is also believed that the very first wines were made in Georgia thousands of years ago, and it is now acknowledged worldwide by scholars that Georgia is a cradle of wine producing. Kakheti is situated on the plains of the rivers Alazani and Iori and is surrounded by ridges of the Caucasian mountain range...
Imereti Imereti
Imereti is a western Georgian region, where the witty and optimistic people, the Imeretians, live. Khachapuri (cheese pie), a staple of Georgian cuisine somewhat similar to an Italian pizza, is very tasty. Kutaisi is the principle and oldest city of Imereti. The second city of Georgia has been written of since the 6th century B.C. After Tbilisi was invaded by the Arabs, Kutaisi became the capital of a newly strong and united Georgia...

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